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Interplanetary Immigration Center

Developing Spacefaring Civilization
Connecting Mars and Earth

2019-03-29: Mars-Earth Communication Latency Tool; LINK

Love of the universe

Interplanetary Immigration Center

Founded on 2062-07-23
Headquarter located at Isidis on Mars


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R & D

new frontiers of propulsion technology, spaceship, AI for space industries, even exoplanets

Our Research

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Archive of Space

data for space with data warehouses secured in space, history of space civilization

Space Archive

Developing Martian Cities Space Industries Interstellar Transportation Network Space Elevators Propulsion Technology Colonizing Mars

Martian Cities and Map of Martion Tourism Space Professions Scoring System of Exoplanets Martian Time Keeping Editorial Board

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Interplanetary Immigration Center is the key member of Interplanetary Immigration Agency. We research and develop space related products and serve the society on Mars.

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